Volume 5 Issue 5
November 2009

History of Bo Tai Bo / Bo Tai Sai Kumite
First Aid in Karate Pt 3
Ying and Yang in Our Lives
Hanshi Mady in Thunder Bay

Volume 6 Issue 1
January 2010

"Karate" Sakugawa
UIKA Symposium
Cardio Karate at Toshikai Dojo
Year of the Tiger / Year of Chitora

Volume 6 Issue 2
March 2010

"Bushi" Matsumura
Push Me, Pull You
Learning Kata
Appreciating the Kiai

  Volume 2 Issue 5
December. 2006.

History of Chinto Pt 1.
Seisan Kata Bunkai Pt 3. 
Why Kata?  Part 2
Conditioning V
Improve your Karate - Upper Body Basics Part 2
Improve your Kobudo - Saijutsu no Kihon

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  Volume 3 Issue 1
February 2007

History of Chinto Pt 2.
Seisan Kata Bunkai Conclusion. 
Violence in the Martial Arts
Bo or Baton?
Ask a Sensei - Tim Leonard
Improve your Karate - Upper Body Basics Part 3
Improve your Kobudo - Tuifajutsu no Kihon