Volume 8 Issue 2
March 2012

Taira Shinken
Economy of Motion Continued
Comparison of 3 Isshinryu Codes
A Review of Isshinryu Karate by Steve Armstrong

Volume 6 Issue 4
September 2010

Matsumora Kosaku
Heaven & Earth, the moon & sun
2nd Annual Isshinryu Camp
Black Belts in Training

Volume 6 Issue 5
November 2010

Higaonna Kanyro
Heaven & Earth, the moon & sun Part 2
Economy of Motion, Body Mechanics
Practice, Practice, Practice

Volume 7 Issue 1
January 2011

Itosu Anko
Chudan Uke
Travelling? Don't forget to back your Karate
Why do we break wood over people?
The kata as a learning tool.

Volume 7 Issue 2
March 2011

Kyan Chotoku
Hanshi Mady Gets a new Dojo