Volume 19 Issue 2
Fall 2022

Isshinryu Expo 2023
Susan Baldassi Isshinryu Hall of Fame
Embers - Keeping the fire burning
Karate & Breathing

Volume 16 Issue 1
Spring 2020

Independent Training Guide
Rough Times
Sai Focused Training at Toshikai Dojo

Volume 17 Issue 1
Spring 2021

Training Together … Apart: Isshin-ryu Virtual Training

The Benefits of Karate

Volume 17 Issue 2
Fall 2021

New Additions to the Isshinryu Family

Promotions at the Chitora Dojo

Dojo's Unite in Thunder Bay, ON

Why Every Woman Should Practice Karate

Karate Training after a Heart Attack

Volume 19 Issue 1
Spring 2022

The Many benefits of Martial Arts Training
Trying not to Try Book Review
Seminar at Bryan College