Volume 15 Issue 1
March 2019

Hanshi Markovich inducted into the Hall of Fame
USIK Update and Seminar
Martial Arts Supershow

Volume 15 Issue 2
Fall 2019

Updates From Chitora Dojo
Hanshi Mady in Thunder Bay
Sweeping the Dojo
Makiwara Mishap
USIK KyuFest

Volume 12 Issue 2
October 2016

2016 Isshinryu Expo
Why I Practice Karate
Dojo Updates

Volume 12 Issue 1
January 2016

2016 Isshinryu Expo
My Martial Arts Crisis of Faith
Team Mady Results
Dojo Updates

Volume 11 Issue 2
October 2015

Karate Creed
Promotions in Thunder Bay, ON
Update from Chilliwack, BC
Street Fighting Tips
7th Annual Kyu Fest