Volume 1 Issue 3
Sept. 2005 .

 History of Seiuchin Pt 1.
 Book Review: Sensei by John Donohue
 Improve your Karate - Jodan oi Tsuki
 Improve your Kobudo - Chudan Uke (Sai)

City Specific Pages


Volume 1 Issue 2
Apr. 2005 .

 History of Seisan Pt 2.
 Book Review: Zen in the Martial Arts
 Improve your Karate - Shiko Dachi
 Improve your Kobudo - Chudan Uke (Bo)

City Specific Pages

The first issue of the Canadian Isshinryu Newsletter. 

Volume 1 Issue 1
Feb. 2005.

 History of Seisan Pt 1.
 Improve your Karate - Mae Geri
 Improve your Kobudo - Kote Uchi




Volume 2 Issue 1
January 2006.

 History of Naihanchi Pt 1.
 Isshinryu Kobudo
 Understanding Conditioning II
 Improve your Karate - Stances
 Improve your Kobudo - Tonfa Furi



Volume 2 Issue 2
April 2006.

 History of Naihanchi Pt 2.
 Training with Mushin
 Book Review: Okinawan Karate
 Understanding Conditioning III
 Improve your Karate - Pivoting
 Improve your Kobudo - Guard Positions