On November 15th, after a long illness Grand Master Steve Armstrong has passed away.He was an original student of Shimabuku Tatsuo on Okinawa and one of the early pioneers of Isshinryu in North America.  He was in the original group of 4 men promoted to 8th Dan by Shimabuku Tatsuo and later took over the American Okinawan Karate Association rising to 10th Degree Black Belt and doing  a great deal to unite and promote Isshinryu.

 His contributions to Isshinryu will be long remembered.

Congratulations on recent promotions go to Donna Adams (Shodan), James Stewart (Shodan), Dale Radford (Nidan) and Joe Rigato (Sandan).

Shihan Mady visited Kenora for the first time performing gradings and instructing at great seminars. The entire event was hosted by the Lake of the Woods Dojo and Steve Davis.

During the day on Friday, July 8th, 2006, a large number of rank reviews took place including many Canadians.

The rank reviews were challenging and stressful for all involved. The final results included success for a number of Canadians.

Nidan - Shane Hale - Ottawa, ON Toshikai Dojo
Sandan - Arthur Yee Fung Ramsay - Windsor, ON Chikara Dojo

Yondan - Mike Fenton - Thunder Bay, ON Chitora Dojo
Yondan - Richard Wharf - Brandon, MB

Godan - Tim Leonard - Ottawa, ON Toshikai Dojo

Rokudan - Aldo Panazzola - Windsor, ON Chikara Dojo

As someone included in the grading, I can personally attest to the effort and skill required. Congratulations to everyone on their promotions.