Essential Isshinryu is the recently released book by Trevor Warren and Mike Fenton.  The book is a complete guide to the one heart way including both history and techniques of Isshinryu.

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By Hanshi Albert Mady

 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

18th International Association of Educator For World Peace, 1st International Martial Arts Festival, October 29-31, 2008

Hello everyone, well 2008 was an eventful year for us, we had losses and we had gains, we finished off 2008 with some great competitive wins. This past summer I was contacted by Dr. Steve Rajan who was part of the organizing committee for this event, originally 40 Grand Masters from around the world and local Malaysians were chosen to teach and demonstrate their system and skill at the 1st IMAF in Malaysia. This all expense paid event was hosted by the government of Malaysia and was held at the Sunway Resort and spa.

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