By Robert Markovich, 8th Dan Isshinryu, 2nd Degree Black Belt in Modern Arnis

I am undertaking the writing of this article because I feel that the art of Modern Arnis is beginning to decline in Canada since the death of its originator, Grandmaster Remy Presas. I was very fortunate to have known him. I had the honour and the privilege of training with him for a number of years. I think of him now in the same way as we think of our own late Grandmaster Shimabuku Tatsuo. I believe that they were both visionaries whose main concern was the perfecting and the spreading of their art. They attempted to make it as acceptable and practical to a large number of people in the Orient as well as in the West. As a result, both were criticized to some extent because they were diverging from traditional methods. I think they were misunderstood, by their critics who failed to understand that by diverging to some extent both made it possible to expand their systems.

As most know the Kobudo in Isshinryu was taught to Tatsuo Shimabuku during the late 1950's and early 1960's by Taira Shinken. Full details of the origins of the Kobudo in Okinawan and it's path to Isshinryu will follow. For now we will include the simple list of Isshinryu Kobudo Kata and some simple information as to it's origin.


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