Hello everyone, for those that haven't read or get our local newspaper and TV. We have been all over the news lately. 4 times in the paper in the last week and a half, on the radio and on the A channel a couple of times. I t is good for the dojo and for Isshinryu as a whole. We recently cleaned up in some MMA matches near London ON, on the reserve, Jeff Walsh won his match in the second round by submission, after beating the hell out of the guy through the first round, Eric Montgomery won by submission right at the end of the first round, and Ali Mokdad had a K-1 style match and beat the guy up for two rounds until the fight was stopped.



Fighters from Mady's Karate School in Windsor, On traveled to the Oneida 1st Nations Community Center near London ON., With three fighters competing, the group would claim three victories in great style.

Hayley Tennier of the Kokoro Dojo of Thunder Bay, Ontario took the bronze medal in a close split decision for her division at the IFK World Classic Point Kickboxing Championship held in Germany.  

Congratulations Hayley!



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