Kaitlyn Brown competed in the South Florida Karate Championships (RIVALRY OF THE SENSHI'S) over the weekend in West Palm Beach .Here  she  competed against some of Florida's top teams as individuals such as Paul Mitchel and Team Pepsi to name a few.

She was on her game for this event and took first place in Traditional and Open/ Creative weapons and also finished third in kata and second in point fighting .Kaitlyn  competed in 16/17 year old female 2nd/3rd degree blackbelts.  At the end of the event Kaitlyn was the overall points champion based on her event finishes, easily outdistancing a very competitive field.

Upon  her return home she also found out that she had  been nominated for the WESPY award (WINDSOR ESSEX COUNTY FEMALE ATHLETE OF THE YEAR) for the second consecutive year. Kaitlyn was the winner of this award in 2007



The following promotions took place in fall of 2008 at the Toshikai Dojo in Ottawa, ON

Till Kuendiger - Nidan

J-F Sauriol - Nikyu
Rod Berek - Nikyu
Chris Barnett - Sankyu
Matt Morin - Sankyu
Jason Miller - Yonkyu
Greg Saxe - Gokyu
Andrew Tam - Gokyu
J. Ram Balasubramanian - Gokyu
Zoran Milojevic - Rokyu



Hayley Tennier, Shodan from Thunder Bay, just competed in the World Kickboxing Karate Association’s Championship in Orlando, Florida, yesterday.  She placed 5th in Women’s Continuous Fighting, in her first World Championships as an Adult Fighter. Tennier was headed towards the medal rounds when her fight was called in the third round by the referee due to Tennier’s sudden bout of illness in the ring.  Hayley grabbed a bronze last year in the Under 18 Continuous Fighting Division.  Congratulations, Hayley!



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