Kaitlyn Brown, from the Chikara Dojo of Windsor, Ontario competed this past weekend in the Battle of Detroit martial arts championships. She dominated her 15 to 17 year old black belt divisions placing:

 2nd Kata
1st Kumite
1st Weapons Kata

Congratulations Kaitlyn!

Fighters from Mady's martial arts center in Windsor, On, competed in the Mas Oyama Gold Cup full contact karate championships this past week end. They took home 6 gold, 3 silver,  2 bronze, and one 4th place finish.

Chucky Mady and Joseph Pendis made there men's  black belt bare knuckle full contact divisions debut and both won their respective divisions.


Still learning after 40 years of Isshin Ryu training, Shihan Bob Markovich (8th degree black belt) from Windsor, ON recently graded for his second degree black belt in Modern Arnis. So did his examiners, Dan Anderson from California, Jaye Spiro and Richard Parsons both from Michigan, take it easy on Shihan Not a chance. The examination was 2.5 hours in length covering everything from the basic 12 strikes to weapons katas. It was grueling to say the least but a rank well deserved. Now the only problem is for Shihan's Modern Arnis students, what goes around, comes around!  Congratulations Shihan!!