Hello everyone, for those that haven't read or get our local newspaper and TV. We have been all over the news lately. 4 times in the paper in the last week and a half, on the radio and on the A channel a couple of times. I t is good for the dojo and for Isshinryu as a whole. We recently cleaned up in some MMA matches near London ON, on the reserve, Jeff Walsh won his match in the second round by submission, after beating the hell out of the guy through the first round, Eric Montgomery won by submission right at the end of the first round, and Ali Mokdad had a K-1 style match and beat the guy up for two rounds until the fight was stopped.



At the Don Nagle 50th Aniversary Hall of Fame, we took home 20 places with five of them being 1st. Chucky took second after fighting 4 matches and quickly beat eachopponent in the men's black belt division.  At the awards ceremonies, Chucky won the Male black belt Kumite competitor of the year, Kaitlyn Brown won the Female black belt Kumite competitor of the year, and I was inducted into the Don Nagle, Legion of Honor Hall of Fame.   

On Oct. 13 we will be fighting in  Rochester NY in the Kyokushin championships, we will also be competing in a new division at that event, San Shuo, Chinese style kickboxing, I put two fighters in the division, Jeff Walsh light weight and Ali Mokdad light heavy. Chucky will have a super knock down match along with all the other great fighters we have at the dojo now will be competing in there respected divisions. Matt Jordan is looking good for the light weight division, keep up the training. Cage fights are coming up in Brantford, ON Nov 3, we have 3 fighters set for that, we will see how there training goes. Finally, Dec. will see us at the Shidokan. 

Essex Sports Person of the year, Kaitlyn won the Best Female Athlete award andKaitlyn Brown was honored at the WESPY award banquet on Tuesday night, Windsor and is the first martial artist inducted. Congratulations Kaitlyn. Thanks to the Brown family for he beautiful Mohamad Ali print that they bought for me, it is nice to be appreciated as an instructor by you own students. It means more than all the other awards.

One more thing, Chucky Mady is featured in this month’s issue of Fitness Extreme Magazine; it is a Michigan base sports magazine. If you are in Michigan try and find it. I don't have a copy yet.    

Final note, don't be taken by fame and fortune it will definitely back fire in the end, be loyal to your teachers/instructors, friends etc. especially when they have always been there for you. Don't ever forget where you came from. Loyalty always shows ones true character.

Albert Mady