Fighters from Mady's Karate School in Windsor, On traveled to the Oneida 1st Nations Community Center near London ON., With three fighters competing, the group would claim three victories in great style.

With the first fight of the night, 3 five minute rounds, MMA rules, our fighter Eric Montgomery fought a tough fight against Nelson Sobral of Toronto,  early in the round Eric came out with strong striking with hands and feet, his opponent, came back with strikes and a take down, Eric remained on his back in a good guard position trying to work his game, he took a couple of good punches but late in the round Eric plan worked and caught his opponent in and arm bar and made him tap out.

The second match of the night was our fighter Jeff Walsh Martyniuk, he fought a tough MMA match against Ridl Bawden of London, they both came out kicking and punching, but with Jeff's "money shot" left hook, he rattled his opponent and then went to the ground, after a few times of being stood back up for no activity on the ground, Jeff got his groove on the ground and ground and bounded his opponent. We thought the match was won there but the referee stood them up to give Jeff a one point deduction for an illegal "spiking elbow to the head" there is no way he did that. But, Jeff's opponent was a local boy. The second round end in the first minute, Jeff was in his zone and nailed his opponent with some strong low kicks and left hooks that ratted his opponent. Bawden tried to shoot and take Jeff down and shot himself into a Guillotine choke. Jeff won by submission.

Our final fight of the night was switched to a K1 rules, kickboxing match, which we gladly accepted. Our fighter Ali Mokdad, fought Brennan Ireland of London, in a 3 round match. He started slow, but picked up the pace hit his opponent with strong left right combinations and well place high round house kicks. During the three second clinches he use his knees to punish his opponent. Early in the sencond round Ali came out strong and stopped his opponent with a blitzing attack of punches and kicks, the referee stoped  the match. Ali wins with a TKO.