Two fighters from Mady's Martial Arts Center, competed in Mixed Martial Arts matches, MMA, at The Summer Throwdown Showdown,  on Sat. August 4, at the Shamrocks Event Center in Flint Michigan. This was PCF, Premier Championship Fighting, and sanctioned by the International Sport Combat Association, ISCF.

Chucky Mady fought, Jeremy Ward from Flint, in a Bantam Weight bout, 125.1 lbs to 135 lbs. It was a hard fought match, with Chucky's wild but effective kicks wowing the crowed, it was called draw, the judges scored it 28-28, 28-28, and 29 for Chucky, 28, but was still called a draw. Chucky will be featured in the next issue of Fitness Extreme Magazine, that will be out after labour day.

The next bout was the main event, heavy weight, Ali Mokdad from Mady's won by TKO,  the Flint favorite, Eddie Pickett,  came out strong and tried to muscle his was through but was matched with muscle and superior technique and pounded against the cage until the referee had to step in and stop the match in the first round.