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Fighters from Mady's Karate in Windsor competed at a number of events over the weekend.  On Friday the 13th, in Birch Run Michigan, at the Birch Run Expo Center, Chucky Mady, 18 years old,  133 lbs, fought  Scott Douglass 20 years old  150 lbs, from Flint Mich.

This was a full Mixed Martial arts event, Chucky fought a tough fight against his opponent, it was and exciting hard hitting matches between two game athletes, Chucky came out the victor by injuring his opponent with a punching and kicking combination, then when they tied up and went to the ground, Chucky drove his opponent into the mat and choked him out with a guillotine choke.

On Saturday night, two Kickboxers from Mady's also competed in Strathroy, Ont., Ryan Weeks, 235 lbs, Knock out his opponent from Strathroy in the first round, with a round house kick to the face. Mikey Habib, 135 lbs, also defeated his opponent in a hard fought match, winning by a split decision.