Hayley Tennier, Shodan from Thunder Bay, just competed in the World Kickboxing Karate Association’s Championship in Orlando, Florida, yesterday.  She placed 5th in Women’s Continuous Fighting, in her first World Championships as an Adult Fighter. Tennier was headed towards the medal rounds when her fight was called in the third round by the referee due to Tennier’s sudden bout of illness in the ring.  Hayley grabbed a bronze last year in the Under 18 Continuous Fighting Division.  Congratulations, Hayley!


On April 17th, the Chitora Dojo had a very successful promotion for junior members.  The following promotions were awarded.

Vlad Serenko—Yonkyu (Green Belt)
Jessie Deruiter—Yonkyu (Green Belt)
Derek Lambert—Gokyu (Orange Belt)
Nicholas Britt—Gokyu (Orange Belt)
Alyssa Iwanonkiw—Rokyu (Yellow Belt)
Greg Iwanonkiw—Rokyu (Yellow Belt)



On June 12th, the Chitora Dojo held a very large advanced testing.  The testing was very long and grueling, the end result was everyone "earning" their new ranks.

Congratulations to everyone!

Gordon Findlay—Yellow Stripe
Adam Kok—Sankyu (Purple Belt)
Mitchell Lambert—Sankyu (Purple Belt)
Alexander Serenko—Sankyu (Purple Belt)
Justin Johnson—Nikyu (Brown Belt)
Travis Spivak—Nikyu (Brown Belt)
Amanda Findlay—Nikyu (Brown Belt)