A great showing for Isshinryu in Thunder Bay at the Open Tournament.

Open Kata - Jordan Tennier 1st, Austan Whitehurst 1st
Musical Kata - Austan Whitehurst 1st
Traditional Kata - Black Belts - Jesse Hill 2nd, Jeff Long 2nd
Traditional Kata - Travis Spivak 2nd, Austan Whitehurst 1st, Jordan Tennier 1st, Al Brown 1st
Weapons - Jesse Hill 1st - Jordan Tennier 1st, Austan Whitehurst 2nd
Point Fighting - Black Belts - Jeff Long 2nd, Jesse Hill 3rd
Point Fighting - Travis Spivak 1st, Al Brown 2nd, Brock Borody 2nd, Austan Whitehurst 3rd

During a very well done promotion, much of the beginner class of the Chitora Dojo was promoted.

New Yellow Stripes include - Kadie Borody, Justin Kundrat, Conner Roy, Nicholas Britt and Derek Lambert.

New Yellow Belts include - Hannah Brown, Brock Borody and Jessie Deruiter

As well from the advanced class TJ Oulton was promoted to Orange Belt and in Kobudo Both Gordon Findlay and Justin Johnson were promoted to Gokyu (2nd Purple) in Kobudo.


Jodi Polhill and Sarah Gemmell both achieved the rank of Brown Belt.