In one of the largest gradings every at the Chitora Dojo 11 new promotions occurred.

 Yellow Belt - T.J. Oulton
Orange Belt - Ashley Watt, Greg Kok, Adam Kok, Paige Kok, Mitchell Lambert
Green Belt - Mitchell Watt, Travis Spivak, Amanada Finley
Purple Belt - David Naimian, Sara Naimian

In any incredibly fun event three of the five Isshinryu Dojo's in Thunder Bay joined together to both have fun and raise money. Participating this year was Satori Dojo, Chibushi Dojo and Chitora Dojo. This years top kickers were :

Shihan Mady visited Thunder Bay and taught three great seminars during the day on Saturday. The night before was the traditional black belt grading that happens when Shihan Mady visits. Please help me in congratulations the following people on their great performances and new ranks.