Hanshi Albert Mady visited Thunder Bay this past weekend conducting tests and teaching a number of great seminars.  All in attendance learned a great deal and appreciated the opportunity to train with a true master of Isshinryu.

Congratulations to everyone who tested on Friday Night.  Your ranks are well deserved.

After a very long and demanding test, the Chitora Dojo is proud to announce the promotion of 3 new Yellow Stripes, 5 new Yellow Belts (Rokyu) and 3 new Orange Belts (Gokyu).

The test was exceptionally well done and each person earned their belt through skill and hard work.

With an extremely powerful version of Wansu Kata, Jeff Long of the Chitora Dojo was able to win the Black Belt Kata division at the Mini Tournament held at the Elk's Hall.

Congratulations Jeff!