April 14th in Thunder Bay was a very busy day for Isshinryu Karate.  All the clubs worked together to carefully balance the largest tournament of the year, run normal classes as well as put on a demo at the same time.

Select Black Belts and students from the Chibushi Dojo entertained the crowd at the demo which from all reports was very successful.  At the same time Isshinryu performed very well at the tournament.

Thunder Bay held the 9th Annual Kickathon on April 7th with great success.  3 Isshinryu Dojo's combined forces to hold a fun event that helps raise much needed funds for the Dojo's.  

Dinah Jung's Satori Dojo, The Chibushi Dojo and the Chitora Dojo were all present with a considerable number of students dedicating to kicking for an entire hour, non-stop!

Awards were given for the total kicks as well as best kicks.  This years winners were Markku Rajaniemi of the Satori Dojo for best kicks and Mitchell Lambert of the Chitora Dojo with an astounding  6127 kicks to claim the title of top kicker.

In a very well done test at the Chitora Dojo, John Naimian completed the required Kobudo test associated with his Shodan grading.

At the same time Gordon Findlay was graded for the rank of Yonkyu in Kobudo and successfully achieved the rank showing great skill with the Bo, Sai and Tuifa.