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St. Ignatius High School in Thunder Bay hosted the Thunder Open on Feb 28t, 2009.  Isshinryu karateka were present and did exceptionally well with Jeff Long of the Chitora Dojo winning both the Weapons Grand Championship and the Overall Form Grand Championship and Team Satori Dojo win the Team Kata division.

Full Results

Under Black Results

Team Satori Dojo - Spencer Kurol, Markku Rajaneimi and Amber Smolcec 1st Place Team Kata
Amber Smolcec - 1st place Kata
Jayden McNab - 3rd place Kata, 3rd place fighting
Spencer Kurol - 3rd place Kata
Markku Rajaneimi - 1st place fighting

Black Belts

Jodi Polhill - 2nd place traditional weapons, 1st place open kata, 1st place traditional kata, Overall Grand Championship Kata runner up.
Jeff Long - 1st Place traditional weapons, 1st place traditional kata, Weapons Grand Champion, Overall Grand Champion Kata