The following promotions took place in fall of 2008 at the Toshikai Dojo in Ottawa, ON

Till Kuendiger - Nidan

J-F Sauriol - Nikyu
Rod Berek - Nikyu
Chris Barnett - Sankyu
Matt Morin - Sankyu
Jason Miller - Yonkyu
Greg Saxe - Gokyu
Andrew Tam - Gokyu
J. Ram Balasubramanian - Gokyu
Zoran Milojevic - Rokyu



By Susan Baldassi and Janet Fuchek


Ottawa’s Tanya Lemaire and her husband Shane Hale fight fiercely and get rewarded for it.

After all, they’re award-winning Isshinryu karate experts, both recent recipients of International American Okinawan Karate Association distinctions. Lemaire, a Shodan,  earned the “Outstanding Black Belt – Female” plaque, while Hale, a Nidan, took the honour for the males.

While their fighting spirit is evident in the karate dojo, the Canadian couple gets along quite well behind the scenes.

Congratulations goes out to seven students from the Toshikai Dojo of Ottawa who tested on June 9th.  Our "Association of the Fighting Spirit" was indeed present as everyone performed some nice kata, bunkai, self-defense and kumite.  Janakiraman Balasubramanian, Julie Marion, Greg Saxe, Jim Roche and Andrew Tam were promoted to Rokkyu (yellow belt) and Matt Morin and Chris Barnett were promoted to Yonkyu (green belt).  Wonder of wonders, there were no injuries!!